Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Captain and the First Mate

A short story about a dominant female Captain submitting to, although reluctantly, to her First Mates advances.
She could see the dim glow of candles from inside the large white and black canvas tent. There was a mild chill in the air as she walked through the now dark after hours of the Renaissance Festival, it sent a slight shiver down her spine that was from more than just the cold; her nipples responded to both the chill and the movement against the shear black fabric of her blouse pressed to them by the corset she wore. It had been a night filled with great conversations, wonderful drinks, warm fires, outrageous stories, more than just a little flirting, as well as an earlier encounter with one Sergeant of the Jail. The overall effect of the night had left her with a permanent grin on her lips, a little more sway in her hips, and a warmth between her thighs that, like any ember, would need just a little more breath to become a ranging inferno of desire; it was that growing dampness – that now saturated the velvet tights that encased her long legs and perfect ass – that had told her it was time to retire from the campfire gatherings and head to her own tent for the evening.
She pulled back the flap of canvas that made the entryway to the tent between the wooden poles inside. Light spilled over and past her as if to beckon her to enter as she slipped into the large space inside the confines of the canvas, ropes, and wooden poles. There were pillar candles of every shape and size within, placed on the tables and chests, and even in small lanterns hung from most of the outer poles of the tent. The effect not only made the space well lit but also warmed the inside to the point of being comfortable and inviting. She walked across the thick carpeted expanse of the tent and between the two center poles, she placed the bottle with the remains for the mead she had been drinking that night upon one of the tables.  In the same motion she picked up the deep blue rose that hadn't been there earlier, it must have been dropped off while she was enjoying the evening.  As she lifted the delicate petals to inhale the pleasant fragrance, she found her self inhaling sharply as a hand quickly closed around her neck and pulled her against a strong chest while an another arm snaked around her waist. Warm breath tickled the back of her ear, followed by the scent of honey, cider and a hint of sweat.
"I thought I might have to drag you back here," said a calm baritone voice, near her ear. It rumbled so deep in his chest that she could feel through the confines of her corseted back.  A growl escaped his lips as he pulled her closer around the waist and his grip around her neck tightened ever so slightly.  “You have been gone most of the evening, my dear Captain.  I was beginning to think you might have found better company for the night.” As the last words left his lips, she could tell from the tone in his voice that he was trying to get a rise out of her and that he wasn't truly hurt.  His hand around her throat loosened only a little.
“My sweet First Mate,” she purred in an Irish brogue that she knew to be a weakness of his and caressed down his cheek with her hand. “I was just out enjoying the company of our friends that we do not see much, just as you have, so much so that I never even thought about the time.  Besides, when does a Captain have to tell her not-so First Mate everywhere she goes?”  She knew that those final words would send him over the edge in this little game, and as such she didn't need to add the not so gentle pat to his face to accentuate those words, but she did so anyway, just to be sure she had his attention.
The arm around her waist had risen faster then she thought he could and before she made contact a third time he had her tight around the wrist and was twisting her arm to behind her to the small of her back.  The hand around her neck tightened once more as his baritone rumbled once more into her ear, “I may have not been your very first mate, but I sure as hell will be your last!”  With that he let go of her throat and spun her around by a slight pull of the wrist.  As a gasp escaped past her red lips, the warm leather cuff wrapped snugly around the wrist that he grasped, faster then she had ever seen him do so before, and with a commanding “click” that seemed to echo through the large tent, or was it just within her own head?  He locked the clasp closed.  Was there crimson fire dancing in those chestnut eyes of his or was it just a play of the candles that surrounded them.  The mischievous smirk that played at the corners of his lips did not help the earlier effect either.
For the first time she looked up at the cuff around her wrist, then to the glinting metal chain that she had not noticed earlier, or when they had erected the tent a few days before.  The chain was draped through a large iron loop near the top of one of the center poles.  Quickly her head snapped to the other pole to see another iron loop there too, her eyes followed the gently rattling chain that dangled there to another leather cuff held in his hand before her.  “Are you going to come willingly, or are you going to put up a fight?”  Was it just her or did that sound like a challenge?
She smiled at him as she stepped back a step, pulling on the chain locked to her leather cuffed wrist with a clang of metal on metal, and bent over at the waist while she blew a kiss from her ruby red lips.  This was all the invitation that he needed.  He lunged across the space between them, only a few feet but the moments stretch as she watched in anticipation as he closed the distance.  A malicious smile played across his lips just before he extended his arms to catch her, but she twisted to dance just out of his grasp around the center pole that had become part of her by way of the chain.  As she came around the pole, chain wrapping around the top, he jumped back to be right in front of her, going around the way she came again she fell within his reach.  He wrapped both of his arms around her from behind, pinning her arms to her sides.  She twisted back and forth, trying to get free from his grip.  He lifted her up off the ground an inch removing the ground as leverage for her.  The braid of her hair whipped him across the face as she shook her head with the movements of her body; leaving a red mark on his cheek.  She arched away from him with her body, forcing his arms to part and sending him off balance.  He released her for just a moment to regain his footing as she stumbled to her knees not expecting the release.  To her dismay, he managed to remain in control of her one free wrist. The warm leather of the cuff wrapped around her now captured wrist as she looked up from where she knelt.  The now familiar “click” of the lock on the clasp and she was loosely captured as he stepped away to admire his handy work.
She looked at her chains, they were far to loose to restrict her movement.  If it wasn't for the locks on the hard leather around her wrists she could easily remove them.  She played with the loose chains to see how much movement she has, rattling the chains against themselves.  She could still move away from him if he were to advance on her.  She would use this knowledge to her advantage.  She was not going to let this be easy for him.  He reached towards one of the center pole and gathered another chain.  No, not another chain, but the other end of the long chain that dangled freely down the pole. With a smirk, he grabbed the lose end of chain from the other pole.  His plans become clear within her mind.  She was ready for the pull on the cuffs as he yanked the slack out of the chain, this pulled her upright and to the center of the tent, arms raised above her head to either side of her, pointing towards the top of either center pole, her body forming a “Y”.  He chuckled to himself, as he walked to side of the tent and slid them over a hook on one of the wall posts.  She could move some, but she could not lower her arms or move from that place.  She realized, with a shiver of anticipation, that she is now truly trapped, and fully within his power.
He moved to behind her, out of her line of sight. She heard him open a chest and remove something from it.  She wondered what it could be, what he planning next.  The unknowing was making her thoughts run rampant.  Her muscles started to tense as these thoughts took over her body as well as her mind.  Another soft touch of his hand on her cheek brought her thoughts back to that moment, but just as soon as she had relaxed, she felt the leather around her neck.  “A collar,” she thought, “She was already captured?”  Soon, the leather was moving up her cheek. With a shock, she opened her mouth to protest, and that was all the opening he needed to place the black rolled leather gag between her gorgeous lips.  “Now, now, my captain, we wouldn't want to raise the suspicions the crew and start stories of what we do during our “meetings.”  He gently tugged the gag’s clasp tight just above the low braid of her red hair. The taste of rawhide entered her mouth as her saliva moistened the leather of the gag.  She kept her crimson lips tight around the gag for she would not give him the pleasure that she knew he wanted; to see her lose control by allowing some of her saliva to escape past her lips and the leather of the gag.
He was now kneeling behind her, his hands dragged down the tight leather of her knee high pirate boots and wrapped another hard black leather cuff around her boot covered ankle.  She was proud of those boots; their four inch chunky heel that gave her just enough height to be taller then even her First Mate.  He then attached the cuff to a shorter chain at the base of the center pole, spreading her legs just a little past her shoulders.  He repeated this with her other ankle before standing and moving around to lean on a trunk in front of her, crossing his arms over his chest, cocking his head just a little to the left and he sighed as he took in the sight of her and the “X” she now made.  The black and silver stripes of her corset glinted in the candle light with the silver of the chains that bound her.  The crimson of her lips brought out a flush of her cheeks and the red hues in her hair.  Furry fought against fear and pleasure with agony as the mix of emotions that played in her blue/green eyes.
She looked him over as well.  The ragged white shirt that billowed as he moved gave glimpses of his chest and back.  Athletic was the best description she had thought of to describe him.  Chestnut hair, goatee, and eyes that clouded just enough of him behind them, that they left you always wondering if you had truly seen all there was to him.  The drawstring black and burgundy trimmed pants that disappeared into slouch black boots.  It could have just been a play of the light, but she thought that she could see that things were stirring just under the ties of his pants.  He tugged at the edge of the black bandana that he wore on his head, a move that always hinted at thoughts that danced in his head.
After a few moments, he pushed off the chest and started toward her.  When he was close enough that his breath tickled across her chest, she could feel his hands upon her corseted waist.  He looked deep into her eyes, and the tension between them intensified into palpable electricity between them.  His lips just barely touched hers around the gag that parted them, and he withdrew with gleam in his eyes.  He brought up between them his true intention.  Her eyes went wide as she gazed at her own curved knife that had been on her belt not a moment ago.  The metal of the blade was sharp on the inside of the curve and came to a very sharp point; she knew this from earlier when they were shopping together during the faire.  He had secretly tested the sharpness of the tip across her soft skin of her forearm before purchasing it and sliding into her belts.  “You bastard,” she thought, “You bought that for tonight, didn't you?
He placed the hard, cold flat of the blade against her cheek and slowly stared to drag it down her pale skin to the crock of her neck.  Once he reached her collar bone, she could feel the tip start to catch on her now slightly flushed skin.  The tip of the blade scratched, without cutting, as he took his time.  Slowly he dragged it down her left shoulder, across the exposed cleavage of her chest and back up the right shoulder.  The blade did not leave her skin as he switched hands and stepped past her so once again he was out of her view and behind her.  She could feel the heat of his chest and the cold of the blade on her back.  Then the sharp point of the blade was gone, leaving only the warmth of the thin red trail that it left in its wake across her skin.  His beard was close to her ear again, “You, dear captain, are always so over dressed.” She felt the slight pull of the stays tighten on her corset just before the “pop” as they loosed.  The knife had made quick work of the ribbon holding her corset together; only two cuts and the ribbons fell loose.  With an experienced hand, he pulled the ribbons loose of the corset and it fell off her body to lie in front of her along with a silver medallion and cord.  
She was still looking at the corset that, until recently, cinched her waist, when she felt a tug on her left sleeve.  With great care he had pulled the cuff of her blouse tight and was cutting into it. He continued to cut until the sleeve was sliced open along the top and now hung along the side of her body, leaving her graceful arm exposed save for the leather of the cuff that held her.  Thoughts swam and fought in her head, each thought clawing its way to the forefront of her mind for mere seconds before the next shoved it out of focus.  “Hold still, he could cut me”, “That was one of my better blouses”, “I want to struggle, but that knife is sharp”, “What the hell is he going to do now”, “I liked that shirt!”  While she tried to stop the swimming in her head, she turned and watched as he cut loose her other sleeve in much the same way.  He smirked the whole time, and he drew the knife gently, with only the tip touching, down the skin of her now exposed arm forearm, across the tenderness of the crook of her elbow, and now down the upper part of her arm.  It left a thin line of red in its wake.  When the edge of the knife reached her shoulder, he turned the knife so the blade was flat against her skin and slid it slowly under the strip of fabric from her blouse that still rested there.  She looked up to his face, the gleam in is eyes, and the up turned edges of his lush lips.  With a tug, he cut through the strip of shear fabric, a gasp escaped past the leather in her mouth.
The knife's tip was once again on her skin, tracing its thin scratch across her chest from one shoulder to the next.  He stared deep into her eyes while the knife made its slow path across her pale flesh.  Her eyes captured by the dance of the candle light and the emotion that flowed through her.  The desire that passed between their eyes was almost as tangible as lighting surging between them.  So transfixed was she, that she almost missed the fact that the knife had now made its way under the last remaining piece of her blouse on her shoulder.  There slight change in his face, the deepening of his smirk, and the dart of his eyes to the blade just before he grabbed the bottom of the sheer fabric.  He sent the knife slicing through.  He released his grip on the blouse as soon as the knifes edge had parted the materiel, allowing the soft fabric to slide down her chest, across her now very aroused nipples, to pool just below her waist, a sash of white sheer cloth riding on her slightly spread hips.  
He stepped back again, to look her over.  Light from all of the candles caused a warring of shadows across the now exposed fair flesh of her torso and chest.  She was breathing in shallow, ragged, breaths.  She looked back at him a challenge in her eyes, but her body betraying her true desires for more.  Seeing the still defiant look in her eyes told him “Just try and break me.”  He stepped forward again, wrapping one hand around her throat, and looked even deeper into her ocean blue eyes.  She was taken aback by his quick movement, moaning under his grasp even as his lips touched hers around the now swollen leather of the gag.  This moan became the sharp heave for breath as the knife point slowly pushed into the pink flesh around her nipple.  He stepped back as her body gave way to the sensations of pain and pleasure that now pierced her deeper then the knife ever would, her head falling backwards and her eyes closed.  Fire rushed through her from the point of the knife at her breast, through her chest, and then deep into the depths of passion between her velvet covered hips.  At this moment, they both knew that if he were to move the knife point in anyway that she would succumb and be lost in the waves of pleasure.  
He withdrew the knife just as quickly as he had placed it, and watched her body relax from the heights of pleasure that she was just on.  The first mate smiled to himself as he noticed the small dot of red slowly growing from where the knife point had been on her breast, grow until it could not bear its own weight and slowly start a slow short journey to come to rest atop her very hard and slightly erect nipple.  As she started to raise her head, he quietly moved behind her once more, so that when her eyes opened she would not see him.  Before she could think of his absence, the knife point was upon her once more.  Softly this time, the point was at the small of her back gently resting there, she could feel the tightness of her body start to build once more as the point dragged downward towards the crease of her ass.  The sharpness of the blade was replaced by the now warm feel of the blunt edge of the knife; she could feel the waist of her velvet leggings tighten just before the fabric gave way under the sharpness of the knife, the sound of the fabric tearing under the sharp pressure.  “Not my tights too” she screamed in her head, but dared not move for fear of the blade cutting her skin just as easily as if now parted the fabric of her leggings.
She felt the blade’s blunted edge make its way into the crease of her ass, while the fabric peeled away from her skin as the knife made its way close to the most sensitive parts of her body found between her thighs.  Just as she feared that the knife would be upon her now completely drenched lower lips, it stopped.  His hand was now tracing along the now frayed edges of the now cut rear side of the remnants of her velvet leggings.  “Why look at that, naughty Captain, not wearing any underwear.”  He said this with a slight sneer.  He tore the last seam of her leggings open and pulled them down her thighs to cuff the top of her knee high boots.  All of her flesh was now exposed save for the cuffs around her wrists and her boots.  
He moved around her once more, examining her body, now exposed to him.  She looked him over as he walked slowly around her, and once again took a place leaning on the chest before her.  She noticed that he was looking very pleased with himself from the smile that played across his face and the gleam in his eyes. He admired her from his perch, thinking to himself as how well his plans were taking shape.  He now had his captain chained up, and nearly nude before him for his desire.  This was just the start of his night’s plans.  His pleasure was even evident to her in the slight bulge in his light cotton pants.  He looked her over once more and made up his mind.  Turning around he opened the chest he had been leaning on and pulled out a long flogger.  The many tails of soft red and black leather dangled from the polished wooden handle.  While the tails themselves were one inch wide and would thud against the skin, each was cut to a tip that would have a sharp sting to them.
Grinning, he circled around her once more until he was facing her exposed backside.  She waited in anticipation for the first contact of those falls upon her skin.  While it may have only been a few moments, time seemed to stretch as she waited for what was to come.  What she felt first was not the sudden hard impact that she thought would come, but the soft leather of the tails dragged slowly across the roundness of her ass.  The softness of this gesture was almost more shocking then any impact she was expecting.  He caressed her backside with the flogger tails a few more times, and watching her body move to the rhythm with which he caressed.  She found herself swaying slightly with the leather, longing for the contact to remain on her skin.  To him, this was a dance to watch her hips roll back and forth with the tails.  Soon, the start of each caress of the flogger became a little harder, adding a small thud to the falls as they met with the pale skin of her ass.  With each pass of his hand, each one a little harder then the last.  
Before long, the tails of the flogger we swinging harder and harder and what had started as a caress was now hard blows of the flogger to her reddening ass.  With each contact that the falls made upon her flesh was now followed by a sharp thud, the flesh of her ass rippled slightly with each impact, and she was moving her hips in time to the now constant assault of the leather tails.  After each thud of the fails, she would thrust her hips forward, then as warmth rushed over the area of her ass just impacted by the flogger she would push her hips back, waiting for the next blow to arrive.  Shades of crimson were covering her once pale flesh of her ass, each tail of the flogger leaving a pale trail, and then the red would overtake the paleness once again.  She found her arching her backside further backwards to meet the flogger’s tails, until it didn't come.
She hangs there, the chains taking her weight; her head bowed breathing heavily through her nose and around the gag within her mouth.  For the first time she notices the lines of saliva that have made there way down her chin to drip across her chest.  As she pry’s her eyes open, she sees him moving to in front of her, and the touch of his hand upon her check gently raising her face.  He looks deep into her eyes, just a little softer around the edges this time.  When he speaks, it is almost a whisper.  “Have you learned your lesson, Captain?  Will you now submit to me?”  He holds her gaze with his eyes, but he watches as her resolve hardens before him.  She shacks off his hand upon her cheek, pulls herself up by the same chains that hold her, and stare back at him.  At the same time the softness drains from his eyes to be replaced by the same smirk and fire that she had seen all night, and he barks out a laugh.
He reaches down and opens the toy chest, as she has come to look at it and pulls out another long piece of silver chain.  Leaving the chest open he disappears from her vision behind her, and moves to the wall of the tent where he hooks a loop of the chain to one of the lantern hooks high on the wall.  She sees as the other half of the chain is tossed between her parted legs to pool and clang now in front of her.  He is still smirking when he comes around her and picks it back up.  She has but a moment to ponder his actions before he pulls the chain tight and up into her still passion filled slit and hooks it again on the wall mounted lantern hook before her.  The chain is cool, but feels like ice to her inflamed nether regains, she twists and turns trying to move away from the coldness of the metal links, but only succeeds in driving the chain deeper into the folds of her swollen pussy.  Her mind tells her to fight to remove the cold chain, her body sends shivers of pleasure each time she moves the links across her aching clit.  With the last remaining strength she had, she forces her body to stop moving.
Seeing now that she had become accustomed to the chain, he reaches back into the toy chest and pulls out a long black riding crop.  Will great will she remains still as he approaches her, and places the end of the crop upon her left breast to trace small circles around her breast.  She is still looking deep into his eyes when the circles shrink to caress her hardened nipple, and she even managed to stay still when the first swat of the crop slaps against it.  Slowly he dragged the end of the crop across her chest and repeats the circles on her right breast, again ending with a swat to her nipple, this time even though she knew it was coming, she moves slightly to avoid the blow, causing the chain to shift between her legs. Even this slight movement is enough to send shocks of pleasure through her.  He watched her very closely to see if she would break.  He kept her eyes on him as he brought the crop lower now, still dragging it across her pale skin of her belly, stopping just before her pelvis.  Lighting is practically crackling between their eyes as her brings the crop off her skin, and smacks the chain hard with it.  The chain vibrates through out its length, but the vibration of the piece of chain that she now rides is too much, and she closes her eyes flinging her head back as the pulses of pleasure flicker through her body.  She is still moaning out this pleasure passed the gag when her mind finally brakes through the pleasure to realize that the crop has once again returned to her breasts.  With each smack of the crop, alternating between her breasts, and getting harder with each swat.  
Her mind screams to take back control of her body, but the pleasure and pain are too much and she gives herself over to the sensations completely.  With each painful touch of the crop she bucks back and forth, riding the no longer cold chain between her legs, send wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body.  The pain of each impact of the crop to her chest dances with the pleasure of her pussy to form a fountain of sensations within her body that escape in her moans and screams passed even the leather gag and into the night.  Her body starts to tense as she feels the ultimate pleasure start to take hold of her, time seems to slow around her, and sparks fill her squeezed shut eyes, and it stops.  The crop no longer makes contact with her aching breasts, the chain drops from between her legs and her begging pussy.  She slumps forward to hang on her chains once more, she would look around at what happened, but find she no longer has the energy or control to do so.  She felt the movement at her ankles and see that the chains had been removed from the cuffs.  Next the gag loosed and fell to the floor from her mouth, and she took a deep breath.  He had now unhooked the chains from the wall and is now lowering her by those chains to the carpeted floor.  He unhooked the chains from her wrist cuffs as well, before he walked to the end of the tent and fell into a chair there.  Time slowly starts to take shape again for her, as she lies upon the soft carpet.  She watches him with her head resting there, unable to move.  
He is breathing heavily as he reaches for a glass on the table beside him.  Sipping at it, he regards her mostly naked form, the mead is sweet to his lips, “but not as sweet as seeing her broken,” he thinks.  “Just one more test to see if she truly is.”  Sweat covers her body, dripping down her limps to drip off her skin onto the carpet.  Her strength was returning, not from the rest upon the floor, but from her still aching loins, with each pulse of unfulfilled desire she found that she wanted, no, needed more, needed him.  Nothing else would now do, she needed the final release of her arousal that could only be in orgasm.  She started to pull her self up off the carpet.
“Captain, bring me those grapes over there on the table,” he said from his seat.  She started to try and rise to her feet to do as he asked. “No, on your hands and knees, and bring them to me with your mouth,” he added.  She looked at him from all fours, her mind telling her to tell him off, but even as she thought this she found her body following his demands.  She crawled on all fours across the floor to the table on the far side of the tent from where he sat.  The entire time she could feel his eyes following every movement of her round perfect ass.  She rose to her knees and bit the stem of the bunch of grapes from a bowl there.  Even now her mind clawed within her head as it tried to take back control of her body that had now given itself over to him completely.  She turned back toward him and their eyes made contact, and held that contact as she slowly crawled back to him.  
He admired the way her ample breasts swayed slightly as she came to him, the grapes swaying slowly with them.  He could not help himself as a smile played across his face to see that she had given over to his control.  When she came to a stop before him, he reached and took the grapes from her mouth.  Taking one grape from the vine and placed it in his mouth, all the while looking down at her kneeling before him.  He removed another, let it roll to the center of his palm, and held it out for her.  She started to raise her hand to take it “No,” is all he said.  Her mind was now raging behind her eyes at this, but to no avail and she bent her head to take the grape from his hand with her lips.
“Yes,” he thought, “Now I have her”
He ate more grapes, as well as fed her a few as well.  When they were gone, he told her to get some more from the table.  Without hesitation she is crawling across the floor once more.  Once she has turned away from him he stands and starts to remove his shirt, boots and pants.  She made it half way to the far table when he is upon her, grabbing her by the hair to halt her.  She gasps and moans as he pulls her back towards him, and in once swift motion he is burred deep inside her.  His shaft fills her fully, piercing her soul as well as her body.  Even before her mind has a chance to react, her body is reacting to the overwhelming pleasure now emanating from his cock as her roughly takes her from behind.
He releases her hair and she falls forward on all fours once more.  Screaming in pleasure she bucks back against him.  Even with the time that had elapsed between since his last touch to her she is already flooded with ecstasy that has drowned her mind.  He feels her whole body tensing beneath his hard pounding and hands.  Every muscle in her body seizing as climax over takes her body, then she is convulsing as wave after wave of orgasm pulsating through her.  It is this moment that the First Mate release his own control and joins her in climax with a guttural growl the rumbles all the way to his pelvic adding extra vibrations to his final thrusts deep inside of her.
As the last pulses shudder through them both, she collapses to the carpet as blackness of unconscious overtakes her.  Spent, he leans over her, gently scooping her into his arms.  He takes her to the bed near the chair, laying her down gently.  As he extinguishes the last of the candles he joins her in the bed and covers them both.  Lastly, he kisses her on her forehead before laying his head upon the pillow and allows himself to join her in sleep.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Captain and the Jail Sargent

Wood chips crunched under the boots, the smell of mulching earth swirled around those making their way down the path to the pub after Night Court. Lantern light danced and slashes of moonlight sliced across the trail. Conversations of the night's events bounced around the group as they walked, some of what had happened at Night Court, some of what was still to come. All were happy, joking, laughing, and most were left with a little bit of longing for more.The Captain and First Mate of the Black Lilly, Momma and the Sergeant of the jail, the Bard and the Blacksmith were among those following the path of wood chips. About half way there, the First Mate excused himself from the group with some line about fairy dust, and slipped off into into the quiet faire. The Captain watched him go with a grin, “Always trying to catch a Fairy,” she said under her breath, shaking her head.

The group climbed the few steps to the noisy pub. Musicians were taking turns singing all the songs they couldn't during faire hours. At this moment it was a group of pirates singing about pirate booty – and I don't mean jewels or coins – The pub was already packed with people. The Bard, Blacksmith, and Momma found a table and called for drinks. The Captain grabbed the Sergeant by the arm as he started for the bar, and pulled him to a table at the back. At first he resisted, until he saw who the hand around his forearm belonged to. The table was hard, darkened from age and use, mounted high on the back wall on one side. Four simple bar stools were around it, aged like the table, but they were comfortable. The Captain sat on one near the wall, leaned against it, and looked at the Sergeant expectantly, when he went to join her on one of the stools, she placed her boot upon it. “Drinks first, black cherry mead.” He looked at her, jaw open, but then made his way to the bar to get the drinks.

When the Sergeant returned, she removed her healed boots from the stool so he could sit next to her. He placed a glass before her, sipping his own as he sat. They drank and made small talk about faire, night court, and the days events. He took in her long red hair, her long lashes around her green eyes, the hourglass figure wrapped in the silver stripped corset, and her long velvet covered legs that she had crossed, top one swinging slightly to the music. He leaned in as they talked, and over time she stopped reclining against the wall, and started to lean in as well. More drinks were ordered and properly disposed of. As the two drank and flirted, he kept drifting in closer and experimentally placed a hand upon her thigh. When he thought he had his chance, he leaned in to kiss her, but was met with an elegant, long finger to his lips. “If your going to try to sail my southern sea, Sergeant .” She said, “I will have to inspect your dock.”

He laughed at this, “Captain, don't you worry I float more then a dingy to hold my brig,” he bragged. “Just you wait, I have a key that will unlock any cage holding back feminine wiles.”

“Oh really?” She asked. “We might have to see about that. Hey Momma!” she called across the Pub. “Your Sergeant here is telling me that his key can unlock any women. What do you say?”

Momma from her table, where now she was sitting on the Bards lap whispering something in his ear, turned to the call. “All I felt was a very thin tool tonight!”

“You,” the Sergeant stammered, “You said it was a cannon tonight!”

“I might have mistaken it, it could have been a pee shooter” the Captain retorted.

The whole exchange had gotten the attention of the surrounding pub dwellers who were laughing along with them. When the laughter had died down, the Sergeant and the Captain were once again leaning in to each other. Both looked at each other, contemplative, and waiting for the other to make the next move. After a few moments, the Captain nodded. “Barkeep!” she yelled, while she still looked at him. When the keeper of the bar made his way to them, a very tall man, dressed in black that included his apron, with full white beard and hair, bent down to the Captain. “What can I do ya for?”

“This Sergeant here thinks he can take the good stuff in the back room.” She told the barkeep. “You think I could get the key so I can see if he is really ready for it?”

The barkeep let out a hearty laugh digging out a key from his apron, he handed the key to her, and walked away still shaking his head laughing. She grabbed her drink and started weaving her way through the crowd toward a door half hidden behind a Scottish flag. The Sergeant was a little slow to follow, but made his way to her. She stood just inside the door waiting for him, and slammed it behind him. “Come,” is all she said as she made her way down the hallway that the door had opened into. At the end of the hall she unlocked another door, opened it, went in and she disappeared. “Close the door behind you,” she told him when he entered, as light splashed over the room from the lantern she had just lit.

It was a storage room the size of a two car garage, wooden shelves lined two of the walls filled with crates and boxes, a table was against the wall that held the door. She stood next to a single wooden post in the center of the room from which the lit lantern hung. A huge old wooden keg was laying on its side held in place by large wooden wedges, with one of its flat ends near the center post. She leaned back against the wooden post, arms crossed under her ample chest, green eyes contemplating the Sergeant as he entered the room. She looked him over, black leather buckled boots, light-colored pants around, what she was sure were, muscular legs, broad shoulders covered by his dark shirt, his close-cropped brown hair, and his deep dark eyes. While he had a body, it had been his eyes that had drawn her to him earlier that day. Looking him in the eye, she said “Strip, now!”

The Sergeant stopped in his tracks, as he looked at the Captain as she propped herself against the wooden post. She read the hesitation in his eyes. “Did you misunderstand that simple order?” she asked him, as one would scold a dog. He straightened at this, pride fighting with his own desire. “I will make this simple,” she cooed as she moved from the post towards him. As she walked around him, she placed the tip of one of her long, sharp finger nails on his chest, dragging it across his chest and over his shoulder as she circled behind him. “If you're not naked in thirty seconds, I am walking out that door and you will have lost your only chance.” As she finished, she pulled herself up to sit on the table.

He slowly turned to look at her again, “Could she really think that he was going to just strip for her?” he thought. “He wanted her alright, but he had never taken commands from anyone like this.” All this raced through his mind as he looked her over, sitting on the table, she placed her right booted foot on the chair, in doing so spreading her velvet covered thighs. Without taking her eyes off his, she dragged that same long finger slowly down her inner thigh. When her finger reached the center of her desire, she continued to drag it slowly up, a small sigh escaping her red lips. Now she moved that finger towards her lips. Her tongue licked slow circles around her nail before she placed just the tip between her lips, raising her eyebrows slightly as she pulled the finger back out.
He had made up his mind, he would play her game to get what he wanted. He pulled off his shirt and started to walk toward where she sat on the table.

“There,” he thought. “My shirt is off, you domineering wench.”As he got closer to her she lifted her right heeled boot and placed it firmly on his crotch.

“I said, strip.” her displeasure dripped off the words. “You have about ten seconds left.” She examined the long nails of her hand before she looked up at him again.

“Could she be serious?” he thought again. “Would she actually leave if he did not do what she wanted?” He kicked off his boots and tossed them near his shirt by the door. A slight smile danced across her lips. He started to pull at the strings of his pants, loosening them. She dropped the heel of her boot, pulling his pants down to his knees and reveled a plan pair of black boxers.

“Better,” she said with a sneer. “You have about 5 seconds left.”

Quickly, he pulled his pants and socks off to join the rest of his clothes in a pile near the door. Now only clad in his boxers, he started for her again. He wanted her, wanted to feel her soft skin against his, the smell of her, to feel her breath mingle with his. He had played her game, now he was going to take her.
Her booted foot caught him again, this time in his right hip, turning his lunge to the side and she slipped past him with a laugh. “Times up, and you're not naked. You lose, Sergeant boy.” She said as she made her way towards the door and his pile of clothes.

“Wait!” he shouted, not realizing that he had. She stopped and looked over her shoulder, her long red hair flipped over her shoulder in the process. She looked from his eyes, down to his shorts, and back again, then shrugged and headed for the door once more. Looking down himself, it dawned on him what he had to do to keep any chance of having her. With speed he didn't know he possessed, he ripped his shorts off and sent them flying past her to join the rest of his clothes. “There,” was all he said as she looked again over she shoulder.
“Well that is better,” she said in an almost too sweet manor. “But it took you longer then the thirty seconds that I gave you. If you want me to stay now, you will have to be punished for your disobedience. As well as agree to not do it again tonight, or I will walk. Do you agree?” She said the last with a challenge in her tone.

“What kind of punishment?” He asked.

“That wasn't the question, but I will tell you this, I will not break any bones or scar you.” She replied, again challenging him with her tone and looking him directly in the eyes.

The Sergeant contemplated this for a moment. “How bad could she hurt him, she was lighter than he and shorter by a hand's width. Was it worth it to have this hot vixen? Was it worth a little pain to be able to have his way with her body in the end?” He thought, “Yes, I agree,” he said to her.

A grin that looked entirely too feline spread across her face, and he thought he saw her lick her lips as she started coming towards him. She walked with a good amount of sway in her hips, the whole time never breaking eye contact with him, coming to stop inches from his face where she looked up at him. He could feel the warmth of her body so close to his, her breath was hot against his bare chest, but the fire in her eyes was an inferno that he knew that he wanted to feel. He closed his eyes and started to tilt down to kiss her, but stopped short when she wrapped her hand around his only slightly hard shaft and pulled hard.
The Sergeant stumbled forward for he did not want to fight her grasp since the pain that is caused. She pulled him over to the keg that was on its side, turned him so his back was to it, and pushed him back to lean against it. Still holding him tightly in her grasp, she leaned in close to his ear. “Place your hands on the sides,” she whispered into his ear. “Do not move them or your ass from that keg.” Standing back, she looked down at his hardening key still in her hand.

“Well this just won't do for what I have planned.”

The Sergeant opened his mouth to disagree, but as he did, the Captain yanked on a thin strip of leather around her neck with a metal charm of a lily on it, the leather snapped. She took the ends of the leather straps around the base of his cock with the charm resting on top of his balls, wrapping the leather around him, then behind his balls, and back up again. Once she had used up all the leather, she tied it off. It was tight, and his complaints were caught in his throat as he watched her. He could already feel himself getting harder as he looked at her handy work.

“Now that is better,” she said, almost giggling. “But I know you can get bigger.” As she said this, she had opened one of her pouches on her belt and pulled out six honey sticks (honey held in clear plastic straws). “These should help. I just love honey, and even more when it's mixed with a little skin. The problem is,” she told him. “That the honey just drips so slowly,” as if to prove her point she popped the seal on one end of the straws and held it out over his chest. It hardly moved. “Now,” she said. “If you heat it up a little.” She placed the straw above the flame of the lantern on the post beside them. After a few moments she brought it back over his chest, and the honey flowed out of the straw, dripping hot honey onto his nipple.

He gasped a little as the hot honey hit his sensitive nipple. It hurt, but just as the heat was getting to him she placed her soft lips around it and he could feel her tongue flicked across his chest as she licked off the honey. The mix of pain and pleasure sent all thoughts from his mind and his head swam within the sensations behind his closed eyes. He could feel pressure building down below as her tongue worked, but just as soon it stopped. His eyes opened in time to see more hot honey drip down to his other nipple, she repeated the removal of the honey with her mouth, and again it sent his head to feel like it was floating in the clouds.

When she lifted her head from his chest, he was breathing heavily, eyes closed, and a sweat had broken out all over his body. She heated up another straw of honey. This time she held it out to drip lower, down his stomach, his waist line, the last few drops hit his now hard head. When the last few drops hit that very sensitive part, his eyes shot open. He looked deep into her eyes as she moved down and started to lick down his stomach, to his waistline, all the while looking him in the eye. Her tongue felt so good as it made a slick trail down, the heat of her hot breath brushed against the sweat on his skin. She lifted her head slightly, hovering her lips just above his hardened tip, her tongue just inches from the drips of honey, now forgotten in the anticipation.

Time seemed to stand still as he looked deep into her green eyes, his whole body tensed, her hot breath brushed across his most sensitive skin. Then, time crashed around him as her tongue touched him and slowly licked across the top of his head. Pleasure slammed through him as a ship slams through the waves of the storm, of feelings and sensations within his head. His head rolled back, eyes closed, as a deep moan emanated from his mouth and his sexual key strained against the leather wrapped around its base.

“Now that is better,” she said, obviously pleased with her handy work. Standing up, she looked at him leaning back on the barrel, and slapped the head of his, now raging, cock hard with her fingers. His head and attention whipped back to her, pain etched into his face as she smiled at him. She reached back and swatted him again, this time he came off the barrel and came towards her, she stepped back and looked at him as he leaned forward, hands upon his knees.
“I told you not to move,” venom dripping from her words. “This is your last warning, Sergeant boy. You will lay back and be strapped down so that you can take your punishment, or I will walk out to the many waiting others.” His eyes locked on hers as he breathed deeply, looking for any sign of weakness in her. “Oh, don't tell me your afraid of a little girl?” she said innocently.

With those words, something in him snapped. He laid back over the barrel. A devilish grin floated across her lips as she went to one of the shelf’s and returned with two pairs of shackles with long chains connecting them. “Catch,” she told him as she tossed the shackles at him. He managed to get one hand up to catch the chains of the shackles before they hit him. “Place one on each ankle, and show me that you want to be here.”

With slight reluctance, he leaned forward and attached one shackle to an ankle and then the other. He sat back up and was met by her hand upon his forehead pushing him backwards to lay across the barrel once more. She walked around to where his head was and took one wrist. She attached the other end of one of the shackles, then she moved to his other side. Her hair brushed across his face bringing the smell of her intoxicating perfume to his face and the soft hair that he wanted to grab and bury his face into, but she attached the other arm to its shackle and started to stand.

She stopped with her face just above his, her long hair cascading down around his in a waterfall of red. “Now little boy, its time to get on with your punishment. If you do well, then we shall see what other fun we will have.” With these last words, she patted his cheek. Standing she walked around the keg to stand between his legs, his stout member had started to lose some of its stiffness. Pouting, she reached down with one hand and placed one long nail at the base of his cock. She pressed the nail into the base just above his balls, and started to drag it firmly up the underside. A groan mixed with pleasure and pain rumbled from deep within his chest as the nail traced its path along his length.

As her nail reached the ridge of his head, she flicked her finger. Smiling as she flipped her hand around to smack the side of his cock once more. He gasped, but did not try to move. She smacked it again, and again yet he still only gasped, his whole body going taunt after each smack. She looked around and smiled at the cup full of spoons sitting upon the table behind her. She walked the few steps to the table, she pulled out one of the long, flat, slotted, absinthe spoon. The spoon was thin at the end that came to a point that was almost knife sharp. Devilishly, she grinned as she came back to the Sergeant bound curved across the keg. Spinning the spoon between her thumb and forefinger, she walked around until she was standing, legs slightly spread, above the Sergeant s head.

The Sergeant opened his eyes as the shadow of the Captain fell across his eyes, and was met with the vision of her velvet covered thighs around and above him. The scent of her sensual arousal mixed with his own sweat in a head spinning mixture of lust and desire. He saw her face come in to view as she leaned forward and he could see the feline smirk as she placed the edge of the absinthe spoon on the skin of his chest. Surges of pain shot through him ending in a wave of swelling in his sexual organ. Slowly, she started to drag the edge of the spoon around his chest, getting closer to his tender nipples. Then, without warning, she brought the spoon quickly over his nipple. His head came off the keg with the sharp pain that coursed through his body, as the velvet of her tights brushed his checks, his jaw set against the pain. With a final flourish, she brought the flat side of the spoon down onto his nipple. This was enough to break his concentration and he let out a yelp of pain.

Now the spoon's sharp edge was against his skin, dragging its way to the other side of his chest. He set his jaw again, against the pain, knowing that she would again swat his nipple. She took her time, dragging out his anticipation. When the spoon finally reached his nipple, she stopped the tip directly on the center of his nipple, slowly increasing the pressure. A growl of pain started in his chest as she pressed the sharp tip into him. As his head lifted off the keg, she pulled up and brought the flat down hard onto his nipple. This time, more of a yelp than before escaped from between his clenched teeth.

“Quiet boy,” she scolded, and lowered herself, shoving his face deep between her thighs. The scent of her sex overwhelmed him, filling his mind and body with lust, overpowering any other thought. She continued to swat his nipples with the spoon while the smells of her arousal flooded over his face like the water overflowing a damn. Muffled groans answer each of her swats, the sounds of which vibrating between her thighs, sending small waves of pleasure through her. She swatted his nipples harder and to her delight, was answered with his groans becoming louder.

Each nipple was dark red now, and she smiled when she saw the wet sheen of blood swell from each. Leaning forward, she licked one of his nipples, the pleasure of which overpowered the pain and he moaned loud, shoving his face deep into her sensual junction. She moaned herself at the feeling of this, and moved to the other nipple. She pushed back into his face as she licked, grinding into him as he again moaned deep from the pleasure of her tongue.
The Captain stood, walked around him once more, her velvet now moist from both his mouth as well as her own arousal. The absinthe spoon in hand she moves to stand between his stretched legs. Using the flat of the spoon, she started to lightly pat the head of his erection. Each time she did so, his body tensed against his bonds and the barrel beneath him. Faster now she swatted, his body almost vibrating in rhythm to her abuse. His breathing became shallow and joined the rhythm of the rest of his body. Harder now she swatted, sending his ass off the barrel after each time the spoon connected to his pink flesh. She swung it harder still, the spoons handle bending as connected to his erection, and so did his body, lurching off the barrel to arch above it only to slam back onto it with a loud thud, echoed by his own scream as his body came to rest upon the keg.

The Captain giggled to herself as she walked back to the shelves. After looking for a few moments she found what she was looking for, a long piece of white rope. Returning to the still heavily breathing Sergeant, she stood once again between his legs. Holding the rope in her left hand she untied her necklace from around the base of his shaft and balls. He sighed at the relief and the pleasure of her hands upon his straining member. She tucked the leather lanyard and pendant into the front of her corset. Taking the rope in both hands, she wrapped it starting at the base of his shaft until a single layer of rope covered the bottom half of his out-thrust cock. The ends of the rope in hand, she walked to the heavy table and tied them off to one of the front legs, pulling it tight, the Sergeant groaned as his erection is pulled to stand straight up, pointing to the ceiling.

Smiling to herself, the Captain walked around the Sergeants bound body, back arched over the barrel as he strained against his cuffed limbs, his sexual key now as hard as steel bars, strain etched into his face from both the bondage and the need for sexual release. Bending at her hips, she lets her hair once more fall over his face, inches away from him his eyes open from the light change and she looks deep into his bloodshot eyes. “Don't worry, pretty boy, it's almost over,” she whispers to him. His mouth started to open as she kicked one of the wedges holding the barrel in place away, then the other. The barrel started to roll back under his weight. The barrel moved only a few inches as the rope tied to the table and his cock tightened.

The Sergeant screamed as the pain from the rope pulling on him takes over him. The Captain, turned, sliding both her moistened velvet tights and her black lace thong down her ass, past her thighs to rest above her knees. Bending slightly, she forces her wet pussy directly onto his mouth and face, rocking the barrel back with her weight. The rope slackened and the Sergeant sighed deep into her sexual quarters, but was drawn tight once more as she rocked back down on his face that caused a muffled scream to vibrate into her. “Lick it,”she demands as she rode his face back and forth, that rocked the barrel each time he did, the rope jerked up and down on his shaft. “Lick me, make me cum, you dog!” Through his screams, she feels his tongue start to lick the nectar of her pleasure from her. Electricity surged through her body escaping in deep moans that echoed off the ceiling as her head fell back.
Faster she ground into his mouth and outstretched tongue. Each time the rope was pulled taunt, the pain shot from the Sergeant's abused member, through his chest to become his muffled screams that were lost within the sound of her own from pleasure. Each scream vibrated between her thighs, giving her another layer of pleasure while she rode his face. She felt climax building deep within her sex causing her to grind even harder into him, intensifying his pain.
His screams were almost constant as she swung her head forward.

Spreading her legs more, straining against the velvet tights, she reaches between them to grab his hair and pull hard. She saw his pleasure covered face, but also the tears running down the side of his head as she forces him deeper into her. The sight was to much for her, and she shoved herself down onto him, hard. She still held his head by the hair as her orgasm exploded from deep with her sex, rippling in constant waves of pleasure throughout her body. She ground brutality into his mouth that was still open in a now silent scream.
As the waves of pleasure subsided, she could feel him try to catch his breath, smothered between her thighs. She released his hair, and slid herself off of his face, to lean her bare ass against the barrel beside him. She looked down at the Sergeant who breathed heavily, her wetness covering most of his face, save for where his tears have washed it away. “There, now that wasn't too hard, was it?” she asks him leaning slightly forward so he can see her.

“No,” he whispers.

“Good,” she smirks. “Well now that I have had my fun, I guess I have no further use for you.” As the last words left her lips, she ripped the thin lace panties from her legs and shoved them into his just opening to protest mouth. “What, did you think you could have your way with me? I think not, you haven't earned that privilege, yet, dog. These waters are way to wild for you.” She pulled her velvet tights over her flushed ass, she rounded the post and drew a knife from her belt. “However, since you did get me off, I guess I could help you a little,” and with that she sliced through the rope that attached his sexual member to the table. The barrel rolled back as he screams around the moistened lace gag, to stop against one of the wedges, his head a few inches from the floor.

The Sergeant could still hear her laughter as she walked out the door and down the hall. Just before his mind plunged into unconsciousness, he heard her final words over the sound of her heels as she walked on the hard wood, “Barkeep, this is to cover the mess in the back. Turned out he wasn't worthy.”

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Presentations as of 2013

Below is a list of my presentations. If you're interested in booking me for your next event, you can find that info here.

Kink 101/Spicing up your relationship
We all have to start somewhere, and this is a great place to do just that. Come learn some of the common fetishes and kinks, basic kink safety, terminology, and some tips to finding others that have the same interests. Let me give you a guided tour of kink along with some ideas on how you too can get kinky!

1 hour presentation

Vocabulary of BDSM
Dominant, submissive, top, bottom, toys, limits, safewords, scenes, Dacryphilia, behavior modification, daddy, babygirl, Mongolian cluster fuck... What the hell does it all mean? Well Haven deLancret will shed some light on the language used more commonly within BDSM and kink. This class will give you the groundwork of that language so that you can find what you're into as well as your partner from a real person and not Urban-dictionary. And yes, there will be a test.

1 hour presentation

The Sensual Sadist
There are two sides to every coin. The same goes for most kinky activities. Sensual play is the opposite of hard play. They both have their advantages and bring forth different reactions in your bottom. From using softer objects for hard play to the softer side of a paddle. By using sensual play in your scenes you might be able to bring out new and wonderful reactions in your bottom. Come see how to incorporate sensual play into your scene from a Sensual Sadist!

2 hour presentation

Relationship Communication
Communication, we are all told to do it, but sometimes we lack the how to do it. Well that can end here. Come and learn some new ideas on how to openly talk with your lovers on topics of sex, kink, and fetishes. From how to break the ice to some basic terminology so you know what it is you really want. If communication is the key, your silence is the lock...

2 hour presentation

BDSM on a Budget
Where to find inexpensive toys, thinking outside the box in a big box store, how to make a few inexpensive toys, and much more. If you have some inexpensive toys, feel free to bring them and share where you found them.

1 hour presentation

The Fun-damentals of Poly
Listen and learn some of the basic concepts and ideas of polyamory. From the why, to the how. Even some ideas on conquering some of the most frequent issues with jealousy, intimacy, and time management. Also learn some of the pro's and con's of this kind of relationship.

2 hour presentation

Switch/Switching, The Role of Balance
So you like to do it all, you like to balance all of it in your life. You want to flog and be flogged, you like to control and be controlled. Are you just plain greedy and want it all? This is a presentation on switching and the balancing act that comes with it. The problems and tribulations that can come from desiring both sides of the coin, the sense of serenity that can come from finding that balance, and all the other fun sides of knowing that you want it all.

2 hour presentation

Dominance and Submission
The behavioral side of BDSM. A presentation on the control, the freedom, the power, and the service that can be found within the dynamic of Dominant and submissive. This will focus on the behavior found in most D/s relationships, looking inside yourself as to what you want in this type of relationship, and as well as other aspects of Dominance and submission, and even switching between the two.

2 hour presentation

Knife, and Scratch Play
Learn the power, excitement and sensuality that can be found at the edge of a blade against the skin. Learn how to use knifes, claws, large blades, even your own nails in scenes and other sexual fun. Feel free to bring your own blades and see that any edge can be used in this way.

1 hour presentation

Playing with Fire 101
I want to set you on fire! No really, we are going to cover the basics of playing with fire torches and fire cupping. Fire safety will be discussed at length, but also how to incorporate it into your scenes, how it can be a scene itself, and some other benefits of fire. This is the class designed for those that have never played with fire outside of grandpa's garage and now want to bring it into the bedroom.

2 hour presentation

Acting Class for the Bedroom and BDSM
We call them scenes, so lets take it further. If its a scene then you are the actors, in that respect I will show you some skills and tricks to help you become the lead in your scenes. From some basic acting skills, to how to take a role further than you thought you could, or even to express your inner self. While these roles are who we are, and in that respect are you, I want to show how a few simple tricks can bring that role out even more during your scenes.

1 hour presentation

Presentation on Presenting
Ever wanted to share your hard earned knowledge with others? Been to a class or presentation and thought, I could do that better? Here is your chance to, learn about the skills needed to be a presenter. Hear about pitfalls to avoid, how to keep an audience attention, preparation and others. I have been presenting, speaking in public and standing up in front of crowds for over 20 years, and I will pass on the experience to you.

3 hour presentation

Parenting and Alternative Lifestyles
Here you are exploring, or diving head first into a new lifestyle, as a parent and the question I know has crossed your mind "Am I going to fuck up my kids life?" Come listen to Haven deLancret talk about exactly that from both as a child that was raised by geeky, pagan, poly, kinky, D/s, SCA, (maybe more) parents who is also raising kids of his own within many of those same lifestyles and others. Stories will be shared of his own experiences as well as the experiences of his many friends and family from those lifestyles.

3 hour presentation

Dominant vs. Abuse
There is a difference, and everyone should be aware of them All of us should know what those signs are, how they can be avoided, and so we can weed out those people from our lives. Come learn what the differences are, what red flags to look for within those differences, and how you might also help point them out to others in your community.

1 hour presentation

Humiliation and Degradation
A presentation on how to incorporate humiliation and degradation into your scenes. Information on why some enjoy this kind of activity, as well as why its not for everyone. I will also share some of the pitfalls that come with this kind of activity and hopefully how you can avoid them. Focusing on not only the how, but also on preparation and aftercare. Short demo to be included.

2 hour presentation

Bondage for Sex
A presentation on bondage for sex using rope, cuffs and other items you may have around the house. Demonstrations on positioning, placement, and other information on how to bring bondage into your sex life. Basic bondage cautions will be covered alongside preparation and aftercare. *Note: No intercourse involved in demonstration.

2 hour presentation

Dungeon Master, a how to
Dungeon Master or Monitor. Come learn what to look for, how watch a room, and how to handle issues that may arise when Monitoring a play party. While some rules change for party to party, there are always some that stay the same. Learn these as well as basic crowd control techniques and common curtsies.

2 hour presentation.

More coming in 2014!

If you have any questions about any of my presentation, feel free to contact me at

-Haven deLancret

Friday, June 14, 2013

BDSMers more adjusted then vanillas.

A good read. I have thought this for years.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Updated Presentation Schedule.

South Bend IN Munch Edge Play Presentation.  06/01/13 Will post link when FetLife comes back up.

Explorations 2, Bloomfield, MI.  6/15/13  Again, links once FetLife is working.

I am negotiating for more vents, I will post them once the have become secure.


Friday, April 12, 2013

A little update

I have been busy as of late.  Been doing presentations and prepping for more coming up.

Just got done doing four presentations at Club 616 in Grand Rapids.  Was a great crowd and a lot of fun.  Spread the word of pleasure from pain with edge play presentation with a few willing victims going under my knifes.  I also think that I helped a lot of people understand there own desires and maybe even there own relationships better.  Over all a great time.

A the end of the month I will start helping a local club that just started at one of the private colleges.  I will also be traveling down to South Bend for an Edge play presentation.  Followed by Explorations mid June.

I am also looking at starting up my pod casts.

Stay tuned!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Club 616 this weekend!

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not join me at Club 616 for their fantasy and fetish weekend. I will be doing presentations on BDSM 101, Dominance and submission, Edge play, and Bondage for sex.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, February 15, 2013

After Valentine's day

Its the day after Valentine's day, and I hope yours was great.

Something to remembered, any day can have the same feelings as Valentine's day. Some random day bring home flowers for your partner. On a Wednesday night, slip on some sexy clothes and surprise your partner.

Doing this will keep the passion from Valentine's in your relationship all year long.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blogs and podcasts

Now accepting questions for up coming blogs and podcast.  So what have you always wanted to know or what has been burning a hole on your cortex?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Need some help

So I am looking for more things to write about.  I just can't seem to think of anything new to write on, or to expand upon.  So I come to you my readers, what is it that you want to know about, want to know more about, or even just have a questions about.

Getting responses and feedback from you, helps me know what to write.  So please take some time, send me a message here, in the anonymous box to the right, or send me an email at  Let me know what you want to read!

Thanks, and as always,

Keep it kinky!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scenes in BDSM

So I was asked recently to explain a scene in BDSM. This is one of those terms used a lot in BDSM. The short version is to look at it like a scene in a movie “a part of action in a single location.” A scene in BDSM can be short or long, and involve one or many types of play. Scenes can be done solo with one person doing a certain task or series of tasks, or involve as many people as needed. It’s one of the many terms that is very fluid and can mean many things.

For me, most of my scenes involve my pet babygirl who is my submissive. For the most part, our scenes usually have many types of play in them as we both love the variety and spontaneity that having so many options gives us. This means that a scene may or may not have impact, fire, edge, wax, rope, behavioral, pain, pleasure, sensation, and anything else I can think of.

I like my scenes to be very fluid; in a way like the old saying “No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy.” I have found more times than not that when I have set out precise plan for a scene, that it will not follow that plan. Things change, desires can change mid scene, bodies might not agree with some types of play at that time, etc.

When I am preparing for a scene, I do like to start at the end and work my way back. When I want to scene, I usually have something that I want to accomplish by the scene. That could be anything from making her cry, sending her into subspace, trying a new toy for the first time, or working on a specific tie.

After I have that idea in place, I will set about setting the space with the necessary items. Laying crops, whips, floggers, canes, rope, etc within reach so I don’t have to step away. If the scene might get messy, I make sure there are towels nearby as well. I set the aftercare items nearby, like her blanket, candy, and water. I will also take time to set the mood of the space. If it is going to be a dark scene, I light some candles leaving most of the space shrouded in darkness. On the other hand, if it’s going to be an interrogation scene, then I get out the bright work lights. Either way, I make the lighting fit the effect I want on the scene.

Last is music for the scene. I have a few playlists that I have set up for types of scenes. Most start slow and build with speed and tempo as the scene progresses. Others are just a mix of good music to have in the background of any scene. I also have some files of just sound effects if that is what I want. Some are full of the sounds of a dungeon, people being beaten and crying, another is just the sound of wind and trees. It all depends on what I want the scene to be.

Then we scene… Use your imagination here…

Ok, so now that the scene is done, one of the things that I do is ask for a scene report within 24 hours of the end scene. This scene report is simply the submissive or bottoms feelings about the scene. It can be just feelings or very specific on how each part felt. The reason that it can be vague is that once some bottoms get into the scene what’s actually happening stops being remembered… They can remember that something happened, but they couldn’t tell you what did it. I have had bottoms forget that a toy was used at all, to confuse it with another one. In one case I have a bottom tell me that she loved the use of the paddle I used, but I hadn’t used a paddle in the scene…

The scene report helps me, as the top know what worked for the bottom, what was liked, what was not, what reactions were gotten, etc. I also will sometimes right my own thoughts after a scene. Sometimes I share this with the bottom, sometimes not it depends on the scene. Either way, this is a learning tool, a communication tool, to help everyone become better at what they are doing.

So there you have it, a sum up of a scene.

Questions, comments, concerns, feel free to shoot me a message.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Booking Haven deLancret

Thank you for your interest in having me present at your next event.  These are the presentations that I can do. Before contracting me about your event, please have an idea of what presentations you would like.

My standard compensation is

  • $100.00 USD per hour presentation or class
  • Travel expenses from Kalamazoo, MI
  • Entrance into your event for myself and my girl, Calla Lillie.  
  • If you would like me to present on more then one day, or, I am travelling more then four hours then I will also ask for overnight accommodation be provided.
I am willing to be flexible and negotiate on compensation, so do not be afraid to contact me for fear of not being able to afford the compensation.  You contact me for booking info at  I look forward to hearing from you!

-Haven deLancret

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sub-Shop Closing

So I found out last night that one of my favorite adult toys stores is closing.  Autumn's Sub Shop will be closing its doors soon.  I have bought many toys from them, recommended them to many of you, and while it saddens me to see this great site go down (snicker) for the last time, they are clearancing out everything until they close.

Check them out before they close,

Keep it kinky!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Polyamorous, another round

This will be a continuation of my thoughts on poly relationships, or non-monogamous relationships (thank you Ethical Slut for that one).  My first blogs on poly can be found here: Polyamorous, lovers of many... and Feeling Alone in Poly.  I would suggest reading them first so that you have a base for my further thoughts, but that is just a suggestion.

In the past few months I have been asked a lot of questions and discussions about non-monogamy.  These have lead me to do some deep thinking on the topic, on what makes poly work or doesn't, what works for others and me.  What I have found is that while my original blogs are still true, I found some ideas that I wanted to share.

I write the following towards established relationships that are looking to explore non-monogamy, or those that are single and looking for the joys of multiple relationships.  I do this because it is very rare to find both of your partners at the same time, or more commonly, advice for the third party is absent in more literature that I have found.

Needs, we all have them, some are easy to fill, others are not.  We can try to find one person that fills all those needs, or find someone that fills most of them and know that some will never be.  On the other hand, if you had two or more partners to fill those needs, you would not need to find one person to fill them all.  You could have some meet by one partner and the rest filled by the other.  In the end, you have all your needs met, feel happier and more fulfilled.

These needs could be a bisexual that has to only be with a partner of one sex.  It could be a hobby that you want to share, like biking or running, that you would like to have someone close to do that hobby with.  Again, it also could be that you are the type of person that needs to be around people and having that other partner allows you to have be close to one of your partners at all times without smothering them.

Another part of non-monogamy that I feel gets left off is the "third", or the other partner since most (but not all) non-monogamous relationships are an established couple looking to bring in another.  There are those that are poly from the get go and go into all there relationships knowing they are, but it has been my experience that they are less common.

That being said, one of the issues that I hear fairly often is that people that don't have time to date, or they feel they don't have the time to give to a relationship.  While I can understand this, for those that feel they do not have enough time to give someone else in a relationship might find that being a partner to someone that is poly can give them that connection that they want, and as long as that time constraints are discussed and known before hand, can be rewarding to everyone.  It gives that 3 year med student a relationship to call upon when needed, but also the knowledge that they do not feel they are neglecting that relationship.

Unfortunately, there was one dark mark that I wish to address.  When in a non-monogamous relationship, you can not force it.  If someone forces a poly relationship upon a partner that is not fully open and agreeing to it, animosity can happen.  This animosity might not even be directed at the partner or the established relationship, but upon any person that is brought into the relationship.  If there is animosity with in the partners, then there will be issues that will come up.  If one of the partners is upset, then that has to be dealt with and should take priority over all else.  For if these issues and animosities are not, then you will see one if not both of the relationships end.  If there is any doubts, concerns, of even if you feel uneasy, sit down and talk about them.  If your just uneasy, then talk about it but also remember that if this is new, any time you step outside your comfort zone that uneasiness is possible.  So, DO NOT FORCE NON-MONOGAMY ON SOMEONE!

I know that there is so much more that I could write, but I will leave at this for now.  As always comments and questions are welcome, and can be done anonymously.  If you would prefer, you can always use the comment box to the right, or send your comments or questions directly to me at

Keep it kinky!